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Project Director

Tamara Daly is a Professor at York’s School of Health Policy & Management; and is appointed to graduate programs in Health Policy & Equity; Critical Disability Studies; and Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies. Daly is Director of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education and CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Care Work and Health. Contact.




Research Coordinator

Emily McIntyre, Research Coordinator for Dr. Tamara Daly’s research program. Her research interests surround social justice, access to care, community care and disability rights. She was a researcher for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario to determine service gaps in Ontario. Emily has an MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University, and worked as a GA for Disability Rights Promotions International. She has previously taught at Queenstown Resort College and has directed and co-chaired events. She is a Technical Committee Member for ISO/TC 228. Contact.